Beautiful skin, beautiful hair thanks to essential oils

Using essential oils for beauty care little how beauty is extremely efficient, smart and secure.
Unlike the use of conventional cosmetics, when using essential oils to beautify you will not have to worry because the phenomenon of skin irritation or suffered adverse reactions ...
So you know how to retouch beauty with less oil?
Jojoba oils
- Make hair silky
You can use essential oils to apply to the hair as a conditioner, and additional help provide essential nutrients to the hair. The way this type of hair care especially good for those treated hair chemicals such as pressure, is, curling.
Method is simple, you only need to use 1 or 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil to rub all the hair from the hair roots to ends, then brewed hot towel hair for about 30 minutes. This can be done at bedtime and wash it off with warm water next morning.

- Clean your face
No need to use the cleanser with new hopes can remove dirt on the skin. You just need to mix oils of jojoba and castor oil together, apply to face and massage them. The dirt, sebum clogs pores will be swept away quickly, returning your skin is smooth and clean.
Especially these two oils adapt to all skin types, even if you are the owner of oily, dry, or combination skin, the skin can be cleaned this way.
Castor oils
In addition to cleaning the skin surface as mentioned above, castor oil can also be used to make lotions help skin all over your body nourished a most comprehensive way.
Just before you add the bath shower about 2-3 tablespoons of castor oil, after bath you will easily feel the positive change of their skin.
Olive oils
- Softens the skin on your hands:
Rough skin on your hands will make you girls lack personality traits lovely daughter. Especially in the winter, the skin more prone to dry hands and rough over.
There are many ways to improve this situation but one of the most effective ways that you use olive oil to warm up, rub all hands, both the cuticle and the foundation.
Perform steady hand you'll always soft skin, peeling nails healthy as you wish.
- Fix parched lips:
Parched lips hurt even bleed caused by moisture in the lower atmosphere, especially during the day hours, the situation becomes worse.
To own a berry lips are soft, you often use olive oil rubbed onto the lips, you will see results soon.
- Improved damaged hair:
Damaged hair undergone chemical treatment makes hair prone to breakage and split ends.
In addition to the methods used jojoba oil above, you can also use olive oil to improve the situation. You can use it after shampooing, with a few tablespoons of virgin olive oil applied to hair from root to tip, then use a large towel wrapped hair around half an hour, wash your hair as usual. Doing regular 2 times / week you will see hair offered vitality, become healthy and smooth ball.

Rose essential oil
- Dry Skin Care arcade days
Dry skin always makes you uncomfortable by touching the skin feeling rough, lack of moisture. However, with rose oil you can not only improve your dry skin that can even possesses silky soft skin even in the cold winter days.
To "regime" is dry skin care formula with rose oil you need to prepare: 3 drops of rose oil; 1 drop of lemon essential oil; 1 drops of orange essential oil; 1 tablet of vitamin E. Mix the mixture together into 60ml water and steam mixing, add 1 capsule of vitamin E, stir and steam heated.
This approach works to strengthen skin moisture, especially suitable for those who "owns" the dry skin and dry during the day.
Note: Mask skin care rose oil used should be done once a week for effective skin care to bring the desired results.
Essential oil of lemon
Lemon essential oils are oils that contain more minerals, vitamins, especially vitamin A, B and C, are suitable for the beauty of women.
Moreover, lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties so you can use it to treat acne is very effective, but do not worry about skin irritation.
You can use lemon oil and a cotton swab to apply lemon oil to pimples, it will cause "inhibited" for acne spots are formed and intended to embarrass you.