Beauty with oil

With essential oils commonly used and popular as tea tree oil, coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil, you can yourself "mode" is the formula of beauty extremely simple but very effective results.

Tea tree oil

Essential oils are derived from natural, its main use is antibacterial prevent inflammation. Essential oils green tea contains antioxidant compounds that are not only healthy but also a "magic bullet" for the skin.


To "expel" the obnoxious breakouts are not as difficult as you might think, simply to use tea tree oil applied to acne spots every day.

After only a short time you will see very positive signs. Please also adds that tea tree oil is so benign when using it you can completely eliminate the worry of allergic skin conditions or infections.

Toenail fungus treatment

Toenail onychomycosis is considered as a disease "incurable" because time is very long-term treatment it requires perseverance of the patient.

Every day you use 1-2 drops of tea tree oil directly on the affected areas onychomycosis, should persevere done this way.

Also, by applying tea tree oil directly to the wart spots will also help those spots quickly wart "chased".

Fix smelly breath

Use one cup of warm water add 3 drops of tea tree oil, then stir this mixture first and use mouthwash every day for about 2-3 times. Or you can add 1 drop of tea tree oil in toothpaste and use this mixture to brush your teeth every day.

This approach not only helps you to improve the state of your breath but also helps prevent diseases related to benefits and eliminate plaque.

Olive oils

Unlike other oils, olive oils in addition to attribute nice effect, can also be used in food processing are very beneficial for health, especially good for heart health .

nursing foundation

Brittle nails, dry, brittle rupture is the leading problems of the foundation. Want to remedy this situation by simply using your nails olive oil Spread on hands and onto the surface of the nail. These nutrients and vitamins contained in olive tinhdau will seep deeply nourish nails bring "owner" of it a beautiful nails, smooth and strong.


Simply use a little jojoba oil to rub on your skin after a shower or before going to bed. This is a beneficial habit skin, not the effective skin but also prevent aging effects.

Berry red lips

Lips red as strawberries berry is always the dream of the girl in the day but dry lips tend to be dry, cracked or even damaged. What should I do to take care of lips in those days?

According to your experience, use olive oil and spread on the lips, can be applied several times a day. You'll no longer parched lips anymore but instead full lips, seductive as you have always wanted.

Massage scalp

Massage your scalp with jojoba oil gives you a sense of relaxation, comfort, ease. Not only has health benefits because it stimulates the blood circulation massage with essential oils also help hair grow faster, limiting the risk of hair loss.

After you wash your hair with shampoo you use this oil to rub all the hair, massage several times and do not require the addition of a conditioner. For about 15 minutes, rolling around a large towel and wash hair with warm water you will always get shiny healthy hair without breakage.

Conditioner before going swimming

You just use jojoba oil applied to the hair prior to swimming, then use the plastic cap - a cap when swimming dedicated to protecting the hair.

Coconut oil: Use a conditioner instead

You can use coconut oil instead of regular conditioner, inexpensive, but you can still enjoy the benefits obtained.

How to use coconut oil as a conditioner similar to the regular conditioner, use coconut oil applied to the ends of the hair root, scalp massage them. Then use a large towel for hair annealing. About half an hour later, washed again.

Fix vacuum bottles

You want to present the dual flip-flops, sandals, but confused when your legs appear just feet thick calluses, just hard. And the cracked heel area for dry skin. Let's fix all this unwanted situation by using coconut oil to rub her feet every night, then wear with socks on, until the next morning, then rinse with warm feet.

Eye makeup remover

Eye area is the most sensitive skin on your face because it is very thin and prone to aging. So when eye makeup remover for your skin must be very careful not to injure the skin. The esthetician that used coconut oil to remove make-up is one of the safe and efficient manner. The requisites are a cotton ball and coconut oil, then you proceed as usual makeup remover.

Analgesic shave

Not only the ladies that even with the gentleman can also use coconut oil for beauty. Before you shave gently rub a layer of coconut oil on the skin, then proceed to shave. This will help you not feel a burning pain when shaving.