Chewing sesame oil ailments

Question: Through the on-line information and guidance of a number of people, I know that chewing sesame oil cure. I would like to alert you and your doctor to explain the fears of "chewing oil therapy", it works like? Use sesame oil suck and gargle for 20 minutes treatment works or not, and what treatment? Sincerely thank you! (thanhcong ... @ ...) 
- Answer: Hello, healing by chewing sunflower oil or sesame oil (sesame) is a revolutionary treatment by a medical doctor F.Karach launched in 1996 and is widely applied in the world of 2005 onwards. Oil chewing method is simple, you just suck a tablespoon of sesame oil (sesame seeds) or sunflower oil and mouthwash, chewing oil, pushing spit (saliva) through the teeth for 10 to 20 minutes until when oil and water mix pieces that are turned into white emulsion.

The oil chew constantly stimulates the thyroid gland (center of immunity) and salivary glands. Not only salivary gland function in the digestive system, but also to excrete the toxins out of the body, helps to increase blood circulation. Chewing stimulates the lymph glands. Lymph, especially in the beginning, strongly depends on the movement of the cheek muscles, temples, neck ... Lymph cleaning the affected muscles and strong immune system. Chewing helps to expand the larynx. It works much like an automatic mechanism detachment of the body, thinning out mucus expelled out easily. If you have chronic illnesses, they should chew oil 3 times daily, on an empty stomach. But notice, so removing the oil out after chewing. Then brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly before eating. 
You should also note: Some of the information on that chewing sesame oil is a treatment method that can be "critical illness", from asthma, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease circuit for the painful tooth, ringworm, arthritis ... but so far it can be said without any medicine cure. This suggests the possibility of information on ailments by chewing sesame oil therapy is not objective, there is no scientific basis. The danger is that when serious illness is not treated right away, but just believe that sesame oil therapy cure all and so perform this therapy. 
Chewing sesame oil therapy to cure diseases is real and is widely recognized. This is a safe method of treatment and the most effective for you not to worry and to apply, but do not think it is the panacea to cure "critical illness".