Essential oils against flu

In addition to therapeutic effects, essential oils are used to make cosmetics, shampoos and as a spice in food technology. 
Essential oils are used to massage the topical medications, wound hematoma dissolves the bruising, pain relievers, oil also makes a flu, antiseptic and stimulating digestion. Essential oils are volatile liquids, depending fragrant herbs. 
1 / Lemongrass essential oils: There are effective antiseptic, disinfectant, medicine stimulates digestion, increase the appetite. In addition, lemongrass essential oil is also used for mosquito repellent, making perfume, shampoo. 
2 / cinnamon essential oil: It stimulates blood circulation, strengthen the respiratory, stimulate secretion, increase uterine contractions and peristalsis. Cinnamon oil is also used to massage the pain, bruising trauma, used as a cold wind hit appearance. 
3 / lemon essential oil: effect of drug entrapment or scented powder for easy drinking. In addition, institutions also use lemon oil shampoo. 
4 / Menthol: Use as disinfectant, massage places like sore joints, headaches crush, dyspepsia indigestion. Menthol rapid evaporation causes cooling and tingling sensation on the spot.

Mint lozenges for treating coughs, used in the treatment of cases of peripheral neuropathic pain. Do not use this oil for topical nasal and throat, easy to cause inhibition, can stop breathing, sudden cardiac arrest. 
5 / basil essential oil: white and purple basil crops are oil, basil oil ratio double white purple basil. Effect of basil essential oil of medicinal preparations for use in dentistry and synthetic vanillin. 
6 / camphor oils: camphor oils can be used in addition to massage instead camphor special treat colds, inflammation reduces swelling, in addition to the effects of pesticide manufacturing, plastic paint dissolving solvent. 
7 / clove essential oil: There are effective antiseptic and insecticides. Clove oil is used in dentistry to dental anesthetic and anti marrow.