Homemade oil for shiny hair

If you are afraid to go to the hair salon to absorb, let alone create a mixture of essential oils. Hair will be tempering with oil extremely smooth.
Create suitable oil mixed with hair is not difficult, and sometimes you do not have to go far to find the right for your kitchen has got it. Some recipes essential oils will help you have a hair mask nourishes extremely efficient, making hair more soft and silky.

It only takes 20 minutes to get the mix you want.

1 Preparation:

 - 1 tablespoon of oil vary depending on the hair type. If your hair is hair, choose the almond oil or coconut oil. Oily hair, you can use castor oil. Dry hair and fiber jojoba oil or avocado oil. You can also use olive oil for hair steaming it.

- 3 drops of chamomile oil to the hair often, if possible you should use black hair oil rosemary flowers. Itchy dandruff hair using tea tree oil.

- A few herbs: rosemary, parsley, black tea or chamomile tea.

2 Implementation:

- Heat the oil. Do you mix oil into a small bowl and put the bowl into a larger bowl of boiling water to transfer heat from the bowl of water to the mixture to your oil. Or you bowl mix oil into the pot to simmer for about 15 minutes.

- Add 3 drops of essential oil into the above prepared mixture

- For herbs to the mixture is heated, remember to have a filter that picked herbs.

 - Separate the mixture into 4 parts rub all the hair by hand. Massage oils are manually osmosis with your hair covered with hoods. Try incubated for more than 30 minutes to help hair absorb best.

- Then wash with water to wash twice to remove greasy hair and dry with a soft towel.