Sesame beauty

Sesame oil not only helps reduce the damage to the skin, but also brings vitality, youthful, radiant skin ...

The treatments get passed down from generation to generation is why sesame oil are moved from India to every corner of the world. Let's find out the benefits of sesame oil for beauty as well as your health.

Natural therapy recommended by the selection of natural ingredients known for a long time with benefits for hundreds of years, in fact, it is the material used for skin care therapy Ayuvedic well hours. Sesame oil is oil pressed from natural sesame seeds with 60% oil, rich in good fat for your body.

 Sesame oil can prevent some health problems such as:

- Migraine Disease

- Cancer cells

- Matching

- Osteoporosis. 
Sesame oil has a high nutritional value because it is also rich in substances such as copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitaminB1, zinc and manganese. All these compounds are important for human health, which is why not compiled sesame oil is used in cooking but also used in skin care.

 Because sesame oil completely natural and does not include any material which is beneficial, it can be used for skin care but rarely allergic reactions caused by impact. Alf following benefits of sesame oil: 

- There is nutritional value since it contains a lot of nutrients, such as healthy and vitamin E

- Protects skin from sunlight against ultraviolet influences.

- Skin hydration

Sesame oil can be used in cooking as an additive to salads. Not only taste delicious, sesame oil can remain in the long term. Sesame oil is also known as pharmacy includes antioxidants can combat aging, so it is considered beneficial sesame oil from both inside and out.

- Can act as anti-microbial agents

- Anti-Acne

- Protection against mild itching rash

- There detoxification effects due to the quality sesame oil can seep toxins.

Therapy ancient India not only delicious but also a natural material has a positive effect on health