The beneficial oils

Many essential oils with healing properties and beauty, can be considered a natural herb, is beneficial to know how to use appropriate.

Essential oils of lavender

This is one of the essential oils are best known because of its good effects. Lavender essential oils have antibacterial and antiviral, can help shorten healing wounds such as abrasions or insect bites, stings. You can apply the oil directly on the wound. Besides, lavender essential oil is also proven relaxing effect and create a good sleep. You can put a few drops in the bath or on the pillow to create comfortable and easy to go to sleep.


Oils have excellent cooling effect, can help you deal with the heat or fever. The aroma of peppermint can also help prevent nausea when train, car or sickness, even when used with lavender oil and rubbed onto the temples will work quickly reduced headaches and pain first half. In addition, peppermint oil can also help repel insects. You only need a few drops peppermint oil in hot water, then use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of this country.

Essential oils of eucalyptus

This is the antiviral essential oils, bacteria and antispasmodic very good, so it is ideal therapy for treating coughs and colds. You only need a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a hot water bath and then was able to breathe on respiratory antiseptic and decongestant. Regular use handkerchief dabbed with eucalyptus oil in cold weather to help prevent colds.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Essential oils have an antibacterial effect, anti-fungal and antiseptic powerful. Therefore, it is useful for the healing or the treatment of skin infections, fungal infections on the scalp or dandruff effectively. Not only that, tea tree oil is also considered a very good acne treatment when mixed with coconut oil or aloe vera extract.Seed oil camomile

Oils provide gentle fragrance that can help you relax and is an effective anti-inflammatory therapy. Camomile seed oil is an ideal choice for those with acne-prone skin, sensitive, inflamed or redness. When the air with coconut oil, it also works to treat diaper rash or relieve symptoms caused by eczema causes.