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Aniseed essential oil

This sweet smelling essential oil smells just like black licorice. It is often used as a flavoring agent in cold and cough medicines, and used as a rub to relieve muscular aches and pains (when diluted with a carrier oil).
It can be used as a chest rub to relieve symptoms of colds, and coughs. Vaporized Anise may also help with colds and coughs.

Warnings: This essential oil is not intended for internal use without the guidance of a doctor. If ingested in large amounts, anise essential oil will slow down the circulatory system as it is a mild narcotic.
Also, Anise essential oil contains 'anethole' which may exacerbate those with skin conditions. Do not use during pregnancy.


Grade  : A
Color : yellow / pale yellow
Moisture : 13,5% max
Admixture : 0,5% max
Volatile oil : 1% min
Ash : 9% max
Shelf life : 2 years
Packing : in carton box. 10-20kgs net each
    Or as your request