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Refined Coconut Oil RCO002

Refined coconut oil from fresh coconut meat is selected from the best quality copra and oil extraction machine immediately extracted by modern technology. Ensure the purest quality. During the production and packing everything is done under an entirely closed process ensures hygiene and food safety, especially with no additives or chemical methods. 

► Composition: 100% coconut oils 
► Color: transparent as pure water, no color or light yellow, no impurities 
► Smell: light scent of fresh coconut smell, no acrid smell of oil. 
► Taste: There are fat, sweet, easy to drink smoothly, with no nod to the throat stretchedModel number: RCO002

Material: Coconut meat

Original: Ben Tre, Viet Nam

Packing: Flexibag or pet bottle net weight: 22,000/Flexibag (+-10%), bulk



Moisture       : 0.1 %

FFA      : 0,1%

Saponification Value  : 250-264

Cholesterol (mg/kg) : 0

Asenic (As) (mg/kg) : <=0,05

Sheft Life : 12 months from Production date

Payment term: D/P, T/T