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Refined Sesame Oil RSO001

Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. Besides being used as a cooking oil in South India, it is often used as a flavor enhancer in ChineseJapaneseMiddle EasternKorean, and Southeast Asian cuisine.

In developing countries, sesame oil is often extracted with less-expensive and manually intensive techniques such as hot water flotation, bridge presses, ram presses, the ghani process, or by using a small-scale expeller. In developed countries sesame oil is often extracted using an expeller press, larger-scale oil extraction machines, or by pressing followed by chemical solvent extraction.[7]

Sesame oil can also be extracted under low-temperature conditions using an expeller press in a process called cold pressing. This extraction method is popular among raw food adherents because it avoids exposing the oil to chemical solvents or high temperatures during extraction.

Sesame oil is one of the more stable natural oils, but can still benefit from refrigeration and limited exposure to light and high temperatures during extraction, processing and storage in order to minimize nutrient loss through oxidation and rancidity. Storage in amber-colored bottles can help to minimize light exposure.

Model number: RSO001

Material: sesame seeds

Color: yellow

Original: viet nam

Packing: bottle( 2L,5L), plastic can( 18kg), bulk( 190kg)


F.F.A : 0.1 % max.

Moisture and Impurity          : 0.1 % max.

Iodine value (Wijs)                : 103 120

Saponification  value             : 186- 196

Payment term : L/C, T/T