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Tea tree essential oil

Capacity: 10ml
Modulation : steam distillation from the leaves of green tea .
Uses: To regulate physiological functions , enhance resistance, maintaining a healthy body , reduce fatigue , stimulate the senses .

Product Details : Essential oils green tea helps to regulate body functions , strengthen the immune system , maintain health , reduce fatigue , increase vitality .
Scientific studies show that green tea has the following benefits : stable cell function , anti-aging , enhance vitality , regulating body , eliminating germs , purify lungs . After years of research , the extraction Bel'air has green tea extract and launched tea tree oil products - the first of its kind in the world. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the pharmaceutical aroma emitted from tea tree oil to be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract bring a range of benefits for health and healing .
Use tea tree oil every morning when you wake up helps stimulate the nervous system , more ardent spirits , bodies start in the human body uses to start the day with vitality .